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The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary In Costa Rica

We Nurture Distressed Animals Back To Health & Reintroduce Them Back To The Wild

X-Ray Machine Needed!

x-ray of a monkey

X-Ray costs

Our rehab center´s clinic is almost fully equipped. We currently do not have an X-Ray machine, so every time we need to get an X-ray taken from an animal, we must drive to a veterinary clinic in Uvita. Apart from the stressful drive for the animal, these visits cost our NGO a lot of money. In order to take the X-ray above of the female, white face monkey, we were charged $60 USD. On average we travel once a week to the vet to have X-rays taken of any new patient or any of our recovering animals. In the long run this costs us a lot of money. Please help support our sanctuary by donating to help contribute to the X-ray costs.

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Get The Cats Back To The Jungle


We have been making progress with the construction of the enclosure for the margay and ocelot. With many thanks to the generous donors, we are excited about the progress but still need more help with funding. We are trying to limit the amount of contact we have with the cats to avoid them becoming imprinted on us, and have therefore installed Infra-red camera traps in the pre-release enclosures. We are studying the footage received in order to observe their behavior, and ensure that they are eating correctly, behaving naturally and not showing any symptoms of stress. We have captured some great footage of them and this is a small clip from the Ocelot. The cubs are growing so fast now, and need to be moved in to their new enclosures as soon as possible.

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Volunteers Wanted!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep a sanctuary going on a daily basis? Do you have a passion for animals but don’t know how to express that passion? We have a solution! Join Team Alturas and help us to rehabilitate and release wildlife!

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work closely with animals that most people only dream of! You can help with food preparation, cleaning and feeding, providing environmental enrichment, clinical procedures, pre-release monitoring, behavior observation, record keeping, marketing, fundraising, maintenance and so much more! Operating Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary requires a very dedicated and loving team. Come and join the team!! And you can experience the amazing jungles, beaches, national parks and volcanoes of Costa Rica. Take advantage of this amazing place and come experience Pura Vida.

If you do not have the time to join us as a volunteer, but want to help in some way, you can donate items like blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, enrichment toys or financial assistance.

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About Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a rescue and rehabilitation center with on-site veterinary clinic for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. We release as many animals as we possibly can but provide lifetime care to those that cannot return to the wild. Some of these animals are confiscated from the illegal pet-trade and over-domesticated, or have long-tern physical or neurological injuries which prevent their release.

The center is situated on a mountain in the heart of the jungle and is within walking distance of Villas Alturas Hotel which offers spectacular views of the South Pacific Ocean. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary has enclosures for over 75 animals and was designed with the assistance of the Costa Rican government. The wildlife we rehabilitate is cared for by our professional team of qualified staff. We also operate a dynamic volunteer program along with educational programs for local and national schools and international universities. Additionally, we provide guided sanctuary tours where you and your family can learn about the amazing wildlife of Costa Rica and the work that we do to protect it.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and every visitor, volunteer and donor directly helps provide food, housing and veterinary care to a diverse range of native animal species.