Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary operates a dynamic education program for local and international school groups, community organizations, governmental and corporate institutions, university students and visiting tourists/residents.

SCHOOL EDUCATION: We facilitate outreach and on-site educational sessions with local and international schools to engage students in topics such as wildlife and environmental conservation, the threats facing native species and their habitats, and actions that can be taken to help preserve the unique wildlife of Costa Rica.  We teach students between grades 1 and 11 (primary and secondary education) in accordance with their curriculum requirements. We also offer technical school students the opportunity to do their community placement work on site, here at the sanctuary.

costa rican school children at alturas

COMMUNITY/CORPORATE EDUCATION: We work in partnership with corporate organizations and government agencies, including the local police, power company and highway department to provide information on identifying at-risk wildlife species and appropriate and sustainable methods to deal with them. We collaborate with other conservation initiatives to gather and interpret data on wildlife-vehicle collisions and electrocutions, to identify hotspot areas and to help develop mitigation strategies to reduce these incidents.

company workers visiting alturas sanctuary

UNIVERSITY STUDENT EDUCATION: We offer veterinary, wildlife husbandry and education internships to local and international university students studying veterinary science, conservation biology, wildlife conservation, environmental science, education studies or related degrees. Internships are tailored to the individual students’ requirements, but all students will learn about and assist with all aspects of wildlife husbandry provisioning i.e. cleaning, feeding, enrichment provision, enclosure maintenance and animal welfare assessment. Additionally, and when opportunities are available, interns will assist with clinical procedures, orphan care, administration, marketing, fundraising, research and education.

VISITOR EDUCATION: We provide guided sanctuary tours to residents and visitors to generate awareness of the threats to native wildlife from deforestation, urbanization, development, unsustainable resource use and hunting. Visitors will also learn about the organizations history, our aims and objectives, the animals’ individual stories and our rescue work. Visitors will meet the sanctuary residents while learning about their history, biology and conservation needs. Visitors are not allowed to touch the animals in accordance with Costa Rican law. Many of the animals in our sanctuary have had traumatic experiences at the hands of humans before they came to us, so we try to create a natural captive environment for them with other members of their species. This hands-off policy allows the animals to live in a low-stress but naturally enriched environment.

costa rican children at alturas wildlife sanctuary