Work at a Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary Tour Guide

Job Profile

This job requires an energetic and social person who enjoys interacting with people of all ages. Our tour program runs six days a week and includes four tours a day. Throughout these tours, our main goals are to educate and entertain our guests while we inform them of our resident animals and the work that we do here. The individual must enjoy talking and teaching and be willing to learn about Costa Rican wildlife and environmental issues. This can be a physically demanding job as you are on your feet all day, in all types of weather.

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Permaculture Specialist

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is in the development stage of creating a permaculture/horticulture project. The primary goal of the project is to create and maintain a permaculture program that can sustainably produce fruits and vegetables to supplement the produce that is purchased to feed the animals and the staff/volunteers.  Additionally, the program will produce native and non-native trees for reforestation projects within the sanctuary and for donation to other reforestation projects in the community.

The secondary goal is to develop an internship program for individuals or groups that would like “hands-on” experience working and managing a permaculture farm. This part of the program would include the practical aspects of running a permaculture operation as well as theoretical aspects. The program would be one to three months long and would teach the basics on how to manage a permaculture project for food and tree production.

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On-site Veterinarian – Voluntary Position

The On-site Veterinarian role is a voluntary position requiring a minimum three (3) month commitment. Food and on-site accommodation will be provided, as well as a monthly stipend. The On-site Veterinarian will be responsible for flights/travel arrangements and must have valid personal health/travel insurance.

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Volunteer Coordinator - Voluntary Position

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary operates a dynamic volunteer program. The Volunteer Coordinator will assist the program coordinator to implement and develop this program and provide high standards of animal welfare to all animals in our care. The Volunteer Coordinator role is a voluntary position. Food and on-site accommodation will be provided. The Volunteer Coordinator will need to pay for own flights/travel arrangements and must have valid personal health/travel insurance.

Note: A stipend will be provided for food costs when taking volunteers out for dinner in which case we will reimburse you for the money you have paid for food on these occasions.

Job Description

This job has been designed to support the volunteer program and the day-to-day running of the sanctuary. Volunteers need to be supervised at all times and it will be your role to ensure volunteers are working safely and following our policies and procedures at all times. There will be occasions when you may be required to assist in other operational duties of the sanctuary, and within our clinic however, this will depend on your past experiences.

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