Work at a Wildlife Sanctuary

Permaculture Specialist

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is in the development stage of creating a permaculture/horticulture project. The primary goal of the project is to create and maintain a permaculture program that can sustainably produce fruits and vegetables to supplement the produce that is purchased to feed the animals and the staff/volunteers.  Additionally, the program will produce native and non-native trees for reforestation projects within the sanctuary and for donation to other reforestation projects in the community.

The secondary goal is to develop an internship program for individuals or groups that would like “hands-on” experience working and managing a permaculture farm. This part of the program would include the practical aspects of running a permaculture operation as well as theoretical aspects. The program would be one to three months long and would teach the basics on how to manage a permaculture project for food and tree production.

Person Specification:

Ideally the applicant would be an individual who has experience with project development, greenhouse management, permaculture in tropical climates, organic food production, native tree identification and seed germination procedures. It is also important that the applicant is well organized, proactive, reliable and committed to the organization’s and project’s aims and objectives.

Job description:

The Permaculture Specialist role is a voluntary position requiring a minimum three (3) month commitment. Food and on-site accommodation will be provided. The Permaculture Specialist will be responsible for flights/travel arrangements and must have valid personal health/travel insurance.  (There is the possibility that this voluntary position may evolve into a permanent, paid position.)

Part of the work day will be general maintenance - watering, monitoring irrigation systems, keeping areas clean, pruned, raked and weeded. The other part is projects – germinating seeds, propagation from cuttings, designing and building garden infrastructure (greenhouses, shade houses, irrigations systems, planting rows, compost systems, planter boxes etc.), transplanting, seed collection, amending beds, planting trees etc.

As the project develops, the volunteers and interns will help with the day to day maintenance of the project. The applicant will be responsible for the supervision of the volunteers/interns as well as instructing them in the practices of sustainable food production.

The permaculture project will provide valuable experience to our international volunteers and interns. The presentation and cleanliness of our growing space will be a high priority. This often involves sweeping, grounds-keeping, power-washing etc., in both the indoor and outdoor grow spaces.

As team members of the sanctuary, we are sometimes needed to help in other departments.

Job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all planting and harvesting processes, including seed germination, planting, transplanting , weeding, thinning, pest control etc., in the greenhouse and surrounding areas.
  • Designing and managing irrigation and fertilization processes.
  • Developing and maintaining compost systems.
  • Raising and caring for poultry and livestock.
  • Maintaining and updating records as required.
  • Assisting with the development of a permaculture internship program.
  • Supervision of volunteers and interns.
  • Other duties as required.

Please send current resume and coversheet to