About Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Mission Statement

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the protection and conservation of Costa Rica’s wildlife. To accomplish this, we provide wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education and implement wildlife research.

About the Wildlife Sanctuary

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured, sick and orphaned wildlife here in Costa Rica. Our ultimate objective is to assist in the recovery and release of native wildlife. We provide high-quality veterinary treatment to all animals entering the facility. We have a well-equipped veterinary clinic and employ a qualified and experienced veterinary team to ensure our work follows veterinary protocols and best practices. We operate a 24-hour emergency response service, have quarantine facilities for new arrivals, a nursery area for the very young and isolated pre-release enclosures for soon to be released wildlife.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary also provides lifetime accommodation and care to animals that cannot be released. Many of the resident animals living in the sanctuary have been kept in poor conditions as pets and developed behavioral disorders, so they cannot return to the wild. Others have become too used to people and do not know how to forage for food or avoid natural predators. Some animals have sustained permanent physical disabilities due to collisions with vehicles, buildings or electricity cables and cannot be returned to the wild. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary offers these resident animals a comfortable and safe environment in captivity, whilst providing for their physical, mental and social needs.

Another of our objectives is to serve as an educational center for local, national and international visitors, community groups and schools, colleges and universities. We believe that education is a key component for improving human-wildlife co-existence, to ensure the diverse range of wildlife inhabiting Costa Rica, and around the world, is maintained for future generations. Our long-term goal is to reduce human-related wildlife injuries via awareness-raising, scientific research and implementing mitigation strategies.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is funded solely by donations, our volunteer program and daily sanctuary tours. 100% of these funds are spent on the care and rehabilitation of the animals and the daily operational costs of Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Due to an ever-increasing number of injured animals, continuous loss of natural habitat, abandoned babies and confiscation of illegal pets, we are continually striving to expand and improve the facilities available for wildlife rehabilitation.