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The animals visiting the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary do not belong to us – they belong to the Costa Rican rainforest. However, while they are here, you can discover a lot about these amazing creatures. Learn about which new animals are arriving, how they got here, how their recovery process is going, and eventually feel the joy of knowing about their release back home to their natural environment. If you have visited the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and want to know about a special animal that has touched your heart, check this website for updates.

June Gloom

As our last international volunteers are able to make their way back home, we have been lucky enough to welcome our local volunteers back to help us with our daily tasks. We have been so incredibly grateful for the volunteers who chose to stay and support us throughout such a difficult time. With flights canceled and border closures extended, it was difficult to visualize a time when they could get back to see their families. However, they have all been lucky enough to join repatriation flights which could get them all back to their respective homes. It has been hard work with so few volunteers but we could not have done it without them and we are so lucky to have had their help for the time that we did.

As cases continue to be discovered, measures are still in place to protect the community and so we remain closed to the public until further notice. The health of our staff, local volunteers, and animals are still our priority when managing life in the pandemic.

Despite the drop in help, we have still been busy rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing animals. As we reach the middle of the year, we have already rescued nearly 200 animals which is close to being one of our busiest years yet!

June 2020
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Missing Our Visitors, and Volunteers!

We are still under the effects of ‘lockdown’ so we remain closed to the public and unable to receive any new volunteers.

This month has been relatively quiet in terms of rescues and releases however we have been working hard to give the highest level of care for all of our resident animals. Every day our staff and dedicated long-term volunteers have been creating new enrichment for our animals and implementing it into their enclosures. Enrichment is incredibly important in captive animals’ welfare as it encourages natural behaviors, stimulates their minds, and thus reduces undesirable behaviors such as pacing and excessive grooming.

May 2020
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Hello, April showers!

We are thinking of all of our supporters, past and future volunteers, and all of our generous donors during these troubling times. We have seen a huge amount of support over the past few months, and we cannot thank you all enough for coming together to help us survive this pandemic.

But this is not the end, and we predict these hard times may continue for a while longer, in which case we still need all of your help and support to get through. Please continue donating, sharing our posts, and plan some trips for next year to come and visit us when it is safe to do so! We can only continue this important work with your help!

April 2020
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'March'ing through this together

If we ever need an excuse to fill your emails with cute animals, good news and happy endings, we think the current global pandemic is as good as any!

But first, we do need to urge all of our supporters to consider giving in this time of need – we understand many people are in very similar situations regarding COVID-19, especially non-profit organizations, but without the help of all of you, our volunteers and our dedicated staff members, we will be facing some difficult times ahead. At the height of our busiest time of year, we are of course concerned about the wildlife in our care or those animals that arrive needing help. Any donation large or small is appreciated and all of the ways you can donate can be found on our website.
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March 2020
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Meet our local volunteers! 

Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our ‘local’ volunteers. These volunteers come once or twice a week to help clean and feed all of our animals in our morning shift or afternoon shifts. Many of our local volunteers have been working with us for several years and help out year-round! They are a true blessing and are such valuable help to us and the work that we do. Thank you!!

Local Volunteers
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