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The animals visiting the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary do not belong to us – they belong to the Costa Rican rainforest. However, while they are here, you can discover a lot about these amazing creatures. Learn about which new animals are arriving, how they got here, how their recovery process is going, and eventually feel the joy of knowing about their release back home to their natural environment. If you have visited the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and want to know about a special animal that has touched your heart, check this website for updates.

December 2018 News

Welcome to this month’s newsletter; the baby edition! These past couple of weeks we have received an astonishingly large number of orphaned animals, keeping our staff and volunteers busy with round the clock feedings! In addition to this, we have released a large number of animals back into wild and also have just celebrated the sanctuary’s four year anniversary! Since opening our doors to wildlife in December 2014, we have received over 1,000 animals that we have cared for. None of our work would be possible without the help from all the volunteers that have been a part of the process since day one, the hard work and dedication from all staff members along the years, the guests that have visited on our tours and all of the donations we have received, thank you!

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November 2018 News

Welcome to this month’s newsletter! As we are slowly approaching Costa Rica’s summer, and leaving the rainy season (or the ‘green season’ for you optimists), we are lucky to be getting a larger number of volunteers helping out at the sanctuary. Thanks to the increased help, we are managing to step up on the sanctuary’s enrichment program, including some exciting new projects which we will update you with next month.


A couple of weeks ago, a mealy Amazon parrot flew into one of our staff’s garden. Despite trying everything possible to put it back in the wild, this parrot did not want to leave; allowing us to assume that it was kept as a pet, and either escaped or was set free intentionally. Godzilla, as we named the parrot, is slowly being introduced to Julian, another Amazon parrot in the hopes that they will provide each other with companionship.

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October 2018 News

Welcome to this month’s newsletter! It has been a busy month here at Alturas!


Capuchins – Electrocutions

We received a call about a Capuchin that had been electrocuted and had fractured his jaw after falling from the power line. A good Samaritan brought the young male in and it was kept under intensive care for the first two days, after treating his multiple burns. When he gained some of his strength back, our volunteer vet, Kathy Wander, performed the surgery and placed three screws in his jaw to secure the fracture and aid the healing process. He is healing well and we hope to soon move him to a larger enclosure for further rehabilitation where we can prepare him for his release back in to the wild.

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August 2018 News

Welcome to this month’s newsletter! The staff and volunteers at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary have been busy working on renovating areas of the sanctuary and carrying out urgent maintenance and improvements to our rescue center. We are moving the three white-faced monkeys to a new, larger and better enclosure in the sanctuary and have been focusing on the move.

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