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The animals visiting the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary do not belong to us – they belong to the Costa Rican rainforest. However, while they are here, you can discover a lot about these amazing creatures. Learn about which new animals are arriving, how they got here, how their recovery process is going, and eventually feel the joy of knowing about their release back home to their natural environment. If you have visited the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and want to know about a special animal that has touched your heart, check this website for updates.

'March'ing through this together

If we ever need an excuse to fill your emails with cute animals, good news and happy endings, we think the current global pandemic is as good as any!

But first, we do need to urge all of our supporters to consider giving in this time of need – we understand many people are in very similar situations regarding COVID-19, especially non-profit organizations, but without the help of all of you, our volunteers and our dedicated staff members, we will be facing some difficult times ahead. At the height of our busiest time of year, we are of course concerned about the wildlife in our care or those animals that arrive needing help. Any donation large or small is appreciated and all of the ways you can donate can be found on our website.
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March 2020
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Meet our local volunteers! 

Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our ‘local’ volunteers. These volunteers come once or twice a week to help clean and feed all of our animals in our morning shift or afternoon shifts. Many of our local volunteers have been working with us for several years and help out year-round! They are a true blessing and are such valuable help to us and the work that we do. Thank you!!

Local Volunteers
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New Year, New Newsletter!

What a busy start to the year! Just in the last few weeks, we have seen an influx of animals saved from the illegal pet trade including a paca, several species of parrots and a brood of black-bellied whistling ducks! Read on to learn about their stories.

January 2020 News
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Our Christmas Edition!

We would first like to start by thanking everyone for their support in getting through another year of animal emergencies and incredible animal releases. We have had the help of 160 volunteers, tended to 420 animals, and carried out 27 educational visits at schools, reaching out to almost 800 students. We could not do this without our visitors, ongoing supporters and generous donors. Not only that, but this month we celebrated our 5th birthday, and we can’t help but look back and see all of the amazing changes we have made to our sanctuary.


December 2019 News
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