Animal News

The animals visiting the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary do not belong to us – they belong to the Costa Rican rainforest. However, while they are here, you can discover a lot about these amazing creatures. Learn about which new animals are arriving, how they got here, how their recovery process is going, and eventually feel the joy of knowing about their release back home to their natural environment. If you have visited the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and want to know about a special animal that has touched your heart, check this website for updates.

November News

What a busy month for Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. We have welcomed more volunteers to our program, animals to our rehab center, and visitors on our tours. While we are still adhering to protocols to protect our health and the health of the animals, we are so glad to have more hands to help with our daily tasks and share our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wildlife with visitors once again!

Tours - As Costa Rica has slowly opened their doors, so has Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. We have now opened our online booking system for the weekend tours at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm!! Visit our website today to book your tour! If you are interested in booking a tour for Tuesday –Friday, please email  and as always, thank you for your support!!

November 2020
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Trick or Treat?

Our interns have been working hard on their projects whilst still giving the best care to the animals in our center. They have made wonderful enrichment and improvements to enclosures, all the while learning about wildlife care and rehabilitation.

In order to break up the daily routine here at the sanctuary, this month we organized a field trip for our interns to visit a sea turtle research project in Osa, Playa Blanca (pictured below). Latin American Sea Turtles (L.A.S.T) association was created to collect biometric data on wild-caught sea turtles in order to gain insight into population structure, genetic origin, and health status. Our interns spent the day with their biologists learning about the work L.A.S.T are doing and gaining practical experience with sea turtles.

October 2020
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September Sun

This month has been full of sunshine, and we are not complaining. We are slowly trying to open up and this has allowed us to welcome three interns who will be here with us for the next few months. We are eager to help them learn and grow in this field, but also have a little help with our daily tasks. Stay tuned in the coming months to learn about them and their time with us.

We must continue thanking you all and our supporters everywhere because we have been able to continue rescuing animals, but also, we have reached our goal of $5000.00 for the bird pre-release enclosure. We will be updating everyone on the build, as it progresses. The ability to continue to grow and improve our work for the animals is only made possible by you.

September 2020
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Releasing August...

How are we already approaching the end of the year? It feels as though the year was put in slow motion and suddenly the fast forward button was hit and 2021 is just around the corner. What a whirlwind of a year it has been. Plans have not gone as we hoped, our day to day has taken a 180-degree turn, and we are missing our volunteers, interns, visitors, and everyday norms more as each day passes.

While it could be easy to feel down on our luck, we are looking at how fortunate we are to have local volunteers willing to come, the support of donors here and around the world, and to still be able to continue our work rescuing wildlife. None of this would be possible without you! We can’t say thank you enough.

August 2020
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Powering Through - Over Halfway There!

As we power through the seventh month of the year, and the fifth month of a global pandemic, we count ourselves lucky to still have the opportunity to do such fulfilling work. Our small team has taken on a lot of extra work, whilst still trying to do all of the ‘normal’ jobs, to ensure the sanctuary runs smoothly. We are very grateful to have such a close-knit, well-oiled, and motivated team to be able to continue saving and caring for the wild animals of Costa Rica. Of course, we also owe a huge thanks to our local volunteers who still come once or twice a week, rain or shine, to help us provide the best care to the animals, and to give us lots of love and laughter. Finally, we also couldn’t have done it without all of our supporters, donors, and followers who have helped us along by sharing our posts, donating money, and booking visits to come and see us next year. As there is still no end in sight, we know how important it is to say “thank you”, and to remind everyone that we are still here, happy, and hoping to see you all soon.

July 2020
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