A will to survive, meet Hope the Congo

With over 100 animals currently at the sanctuary it is hard to pick which story to tell you about but this one in particular has touched us all very much. In the past few months we have been receiving an unfortunate amount of electrocution cases and it brings up a topic that is always on our minds and that we need your support on and that is the insulation of power lines.

female congo 2About 7 days ago we received a pregnant female Congo, she was electrocuted and came to us in very poor condition. The right side of her body is now paralyzed and very sad to report her baby did not make it. She is starting to recover very slowly and is moving her leg just a little bit. Our hopes are high with some physical therapy, lots of love, patience and some other natural remedies we are hoping she will survive. Since she is now paralyzed she is not a suitable candidate for release and wont be able to make it in the wild. She will remain at the sanctuary being loved and cared for. It is extremely heart wrenching and we always want to rehabilitate and release but in cases like this it is just not possible. Please stay tuned for some important information on a petition to the electric company of Costa Rica, ICE. We will demand attention to this topic and help us by using your voice with us. 

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