Baby Jaguarondi

baby jaguarondiThis beautiful, but fierce, little kitten is about 2 months old. A local farmer found the baby alone and it was later discovered that the mother was killed by hunters. This is an unfortunate reality and very sad for this baby but we are going to do everything we can to get this amazing cat ready to be released back into the wild!

It will take about one year to prepare for the release but during this time we hope to educate our visitors about Jaguarondis and turn this tragic situation into something positive. We will enjoy caring for this little critter during these next 12 months. Please stay tuned for updates and more pictures where you can watch him grow!

Here is some information about Jaguarundis that you may find interesting:
They are primarily diurnal, being active during the day rather than evenings or night. They have been spotted in trees, but their preference is to hunt on the ground. Their diet consists of almost any small animal they can catch, typically catching a mixture of rodents, small reptiles, and ground-feeding birds. They have also been known to kill larger prey, such as rabbits, and opossums, however it is believed this is a more rare occurrence. Other unusual prey include fish and even marmosets. Like many other cats, they also include a small amount of vegetation and arthropods in their diets.

In the wild, they are generally encountered alone. Their home range is widely variable, depending on the local environment. It has been reported that the range in territory can be from 2.6 to 38.6 sq mi. Like other cats, they scent mark their territory by scratching the ground or nearby branches, head-rubbing, urination, and leaving their feces uncovered. They are shy and reclusive, and absolutely gorgeous. On a last positive note, they are not endangered and seem to be thriving well.

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