Biological Crossing in Dominicalito

ICE workers
ICE workers, Alturas staff and volunteers after a successful morning setting up the new aerial crossing in Dominicalito

This month, together with ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad), we help set up a biological crossing in Dominicalito. Over the past month we have been collecting signatures from people in the area who agreed that a monkey crossing would be suitable, due to the high occurrence of sightings of troops crossing the road. We have also taken photos to show as evidence to ICE, that wildlife does cross in the area, and that it would be extremely beneficial to have some form of bridge which enables the animals to avoid crossing on the road. After presenting our evidence to the workers, ICE agreed to fund the bridge, and constructed it with the help of their workers. Our volunteers and staff were present in order to hand out flyers to oncoming traffic, informing them of the new crossing, and to boost morale.