Mischa & Uma the Tamanduas

Mischa the Tamandua
Mischa growing up quickly!

Mischa, the Tamandua that was brought to us after her mother was fatally attacked by a dog has been moved to one of our pre-release enclosures. We received Mischa when she was just a couple of weeks old, and although initially we were unsure if she was releasable due to a head injury, she has now overcome this issue and is behaving like a wild anteater should. We move our animals to pre-release enclosures after our vet staff and biologist have reviewed their behavior and feel that they are one step closer to being released. Once in pre-release, the animals hardly have any contact with humans.

uma the tamanduaUma, the new born Tamandua

On the 4th of July the sanctuary was called to rescue a newborn Tamandua after she was found abandoned on the side of the road in Palmar. The neonate arrived weighing only 322 grams and completely reliant on us bottle feeding her on goat milk, every two hours, throughout the day and night. Since she is so young, she is currently being kept in our clinic in an incubator.