Owls Being Released

owls being released

Finally, the owls which we have been raising over these past few months are being released, one-by-one! A few months ago, we were overwhelmed with the number of young owls that were being brought to us. Once owls being to develop and start to learn how to fly, they are often unsuccessful and will stumble to the ground. Their parents will be close by, and just because they are on the ground doesn’t mean that they are hurt. Picking these juveniles up and bringing them to a sanctuary means that you are taking them away from their parents. If you see that there is nothing physically wrong with the owl and there are no domestic cats or dogs in sight, please call the nearest sanctuary before picking them up and taking them away. Through the phone, we will be able to asses, and can, therefore, direct you on what to do next. Although we can raise them and have been successful in releasing owls from such cases, remaining with their parents is always the best situation.

owls being released 2 owls being released

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