Post-Release Monitoring Program

Richie the Sloth
Richie, our two-toed, male sloth, which will be collared and released by the end of the month

We are finally in the final stages of preparing Richie, our two-toed, male sloth for release back in to the wild. Richie has been at the sanctuary for over a year now after he got badly attacked by a dog, resulting in his leg having to be amputated due to the severity of the infection. Male sloths with an amputated limb may be released back into the wild as they still have the strength to climb around, eat and fend for themselves. A female sloth with an amputated limb, on the other hand, will be un-releasable, as she is likely to go on to reproduce and would not be able to sustain the weight of herself and her young once she climbs, specifically because juveniles remain with their mothers until they are about two years old. We have collected the money to buy Richie’s radio collar and tracker through a large fundraising campaign we held a couple of months ago. All of us at the sanctuary were so appreciative of the public support and we are looking forward to his release. Richie will be released in the forested area behind the sanctuary, allowing us to run a post-release monitoring program, having someone track him daily to assess his success back in the wild.