Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Costa Rica


Update on the Ocelot and Margay Cubs

Ocelot Enclosure
Ocelot Enclosure

Progress on the Ocelot enclosure is underway and it is only a matter of days until the new enclosure is complete. We have installed infra-red cameras in both the Margay’s and Ocelot’s pre-release enclosures in order to observe their behavior during the day as well as at night. In order to prevent the cats from having any human interaction, we are limiting our interaction with them as much as possible. It is, however, important for us to observe their behaviors and assess whether or not they can be released. Observing them via the video footage allows us to do this without having visual contact with them.  
We are still trying to raise more funds to help out in the construction of the Ocelot's enclosure. If you, or anyone you know would like to help out, please visit our Gofund me page and donate any amount.