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The animals in our care all receive a balanced diet to meet their dietary needs. We order their fresh fruits and vegetables three times a week, while also keeping their supplements, some items for enrichment, and protein sources fresh in refrigerators.

We currently have four different fridges to hold all of the animals’ food. These are of varying ages and functions and need repair more often than we would like. Wonderful people have supported us with the donation of these refrigerators in the past, and they have been used with a lot of love. Now, we are hoping an improvement can be made for energy efficiency and overall money-saving for the sanctuary as well as better space management since three of these four refrigerators are outside of the kitchen. While this is not an urgent need since we have these four currently, (which is why we haven’t put it in our current tight budget) we would love to create this goal and complete it with your help.

The plan is to have an industrial-sized fridge like shown in the photo above along with a chest freezer to store all of the fresh produce, extra sources of protein, certain supplements, as well as enrichment items we create for the animals (bananas frozen in ice cubes are a spider monkey favorite).

These two items would be close to $2000.00 USD and including tax and delivery, just a bit more. For this reason, we are trying to raise $2500.00 USD for this improvement to our animal kitchen, and ideally save money on our electricity with well-functioning appliances.

If you would like to donate to our general fund for the overall care of the animals, you can do so on our donation tab. We appreciate your support in all ways.

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