Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Costa Rica


Sanctuary Wishlist


Elastic autoadhesive bandage  URGENT  View on Amazon

Animal control Caliber Package URGENT  View on Amazon

IV set with pediatric drip chamber (microfusion set, Number 1013 - 60 drops/ml): we can only get the adult sets here (20 drops/ml) and they’re too unsafe for the animals we usually use them for. URGENT  View here

Goat milk Meyenberg whole powdered  View on Amazon

Harrisons hand rearing parrot formula  View on Amazon

Parrot prepared food, high quality  View on Amazon

Transpore plastic tape  View on Amazon

Micro-fine Demi 0,3ml Insulin syringes  View on Amazon

Hydrocolloid wound dressings: Varihesive gel control dressing patches (Duoderm or other similar brands)  View on Amazon

Tegaderm alginate wound dressings  View on Amazon

Portable hand saw (for necropsies and surgery)  View on Amazon

Silver nitrate cauterizer sticks  View on Amazon

Perlite (to incubate reptile eggs when necessary)  View on Amazon

Net gun  View here

Portable ultrasound machine: Probe of choice  View on Amazon

Wishlist for volunteers coming from Europe

Vetark Zolcal-D Liquid Calcium Supplement with D3 120M  View on Amazon

Bio- Lapis  View on Amazon

Harkers 3 in 1  View on Amazon

F10 spray (100ml or 500ml)  View here

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Rehydration Support 15 X 29G  View on Amazon

72 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides and 100 22x22mm Square Cover Glass  View on Amazon

Vetark Professional Avipro, 100 g  View on Amazon

Nutrobal  View on Amazon

Needle holder with incorporated scissors  View on Amazon

Curved Needle Holder Stainless Steel with Lock  View on Amazon

Emeraid Intensive Care: Carnivore, Piscivore, Omnivore and Herbivore  View here

Wishlist for volunteers with a medical background

Long IV extension sets: We can´t find them here and we use them a lot (we´re currently out)  URGENT

IV catheters 26G (purple): we can’t get them here and they would be very useful for small animals especially neonatal sloths