Get The Cats Back To The Jungle

Get The Cats Back To The Jungle


We have been making progress with the construction of the enclosure for the margay and ocelot. With many thanks to the generous donors, we are excited about the progress but still need more help with funding. We are trying to limit the amount of contact we have with the cats to avoid them becoming imprinted on us, and have therefore installed Infra-red camera traps in the pre-release enclosures. We are studying the footage received in order to observe their behavior, and ensure that they are eating correctly, behaving naturally and not showing any symptoms of stress. We have captured some great footage of them and this is a small clip from the Ocelot. The cubs are growing so fast now, and need to be moved in to their new enclosures as soon as possible.


Visit our GoFund me link at to donate to this cause.

We have started construction of two cat enclosures, further down the hill, from our current sanctuary. They are being built to the exact requirements of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, and the American Zoological Association. The goal with these new enclosures is to do everything possible to encourage the cats' natural behaviors and keep human contact to an absolute minimum, thus increasing the chances of a successful release back to their natural habitats. For example, as they are highly arboreal, the enclosures are being built around trees, branches and stumps. Each will have a natural pond, platforms, and a shift yard which allows us to isolate them while cleaning the enclosure or feeding them. Using these protocols minimizes human interaction, and increases the cats' probability to return to the jungle successfully.

As as you may know, we are a 501 (3)C nonprofit organization, and rely completely on our tours and donations to continue the important work we do for the animals. This project is a huge undertaking for Alturas. Each enclosure will cost approximately $9,000.00 to construct correctly. Any amount that you might be able to donate would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made directly on our website, or through this GoFundMe account, that we have established to achieve this vital goal.

Thank you in advance for considering helping Alturas with this important expansion, and please share his post with all your friends and family.