Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation & Conservation Abroad

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer Program

Volunteering at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to actively participate in our wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation program here in Costa Rica. As a volunteer, you are able to work with a range of injured and orphaned primates, mammals, birds and sometimes even reptiles. You will assist the team with daily animal husbandry tasks, such as cleaning enclosures, preparing and providing food, maintaining enclosures, and designing and collecting materials for environmental enrichment. You will meet lots of like-minded, new people and have opportunities to explore the local area, walk-in pristine wilderness and experience genuine Costa Rican culture.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary accepts volunteers from all over the world, who can commit to a minimum stay of 1 week and a maximum of 3 months.  We also accept day volunteers (non-residential) who can commit to a minimum of 5 days (see RATES AND LODGING page for details).

We invite local residents to volunteer at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary for a minimum commitment of one regular morning per week, on a permanent/long-term basis.

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Volunteering in Costa Rica with Animals – An Opportunity to Support Animal Conservation Initiatives

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Are you interested in volunteering abroad with animals, or looking for volunteering opportunities with wildlife, and want to support animal conservation initiatives in other countries?

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to volunteer with animals overseas and play an essential role in protecting exotic or endangered species. As a volunteer, you will also assist in improving the quality of life for rescued and abandoned animals. Volunteering in our program, you will get the chance to influence the future of these animals, the habitat they live in, and aid in their reintroduction to the wild.

What are the benefits of Volunteering abroad with animals?

If you are a passionate environment or wildlife conservationist who wants to be a part of the initiative to improve the lives of wildlife and natural habitats that exist for wildlife in Costa Rica, then our Animal Care and Wildlife Conservation volunteer project is right for you. Our program offers you the chance to play a crucial role in the daily care and rehabilitation of the wildlife in our center and those that enter.

We are building a reforestation project to encourage the protection of the unique natural landscapes and increase the habitats of the animals we release. Doing the volunteer program here will help you gain more knowledge of wildlife conservation methods, wildlife husbandry, and environmental enrichment. Independent research projects are also encouraged through our internships available.

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