Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Costa Rica


Work at a Wildlife Sanctuary

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer Program Supervisor

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a registered not-for-profit wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release center with on-site sanctuary for animals that cannot be released. The center has a well-equipped veterinary clinic with resident veterinary staff. It is located on the beautiful South pacific Coast of Costa Rica and receives a diverse range of native wildlife. Common admissions are caused by road traffic accidents, electrocutions, infant abandonment and dog attacks. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary operates a dynamic volunteer program and is looking to recruit a Volunteer Program Supervisor to work with the Volunteer Coordinator to manage the program and provide standards of animal welfare to all animals in our care.

Job Description

  • Assist the Volunteer Coordinator with daily program management
  • Supervise volunteers to carry out daily duties which include:
  • Preparing food and feeding animals;
  • Cleaning and maintaining enclosures;
  • Collecting, creating and providing environmental enrichment items;
  • Assisting with enclosure design and construction;
  • Grounds maintenance;
  • Assisting with public tours and education sessions;
  • Preparing educational materials;
  • Assisting with clinical operations (dependent on skills/qualifications);
  • Assist with data collection and research (dependent on skills/qualifications);
  • Assisting with marketing, social media, fundraising and community events;
  • Orientation of new volunteers
  • Train volunteers with daily work activities
  • Participate in educating volunteers on animal welfare, enrichment and best practice
  • Supervise internship/research students
  • Prepare weekly work schedule
  • Prepare weekly social and educational activity schedule
  • Take volunteers on local excursions, social activities and educational trips
  • Manage arrival, departure and accommodation schedules
  • Assist with volunteer bookings and accommodation provisions
  • Assess and provision for individual volunteer needs, medical conditions etc.
  • Assist with record keeping and health and safety management
  • Assist with animal and volunteer supply ordering
  • Assist with the organization social media, marketing and administration needs

You may be asked to help with other activities involving the sanctuary and rescue center outside of the volunteers.

Person Specification

This position requires an outgoing individual who is well organized, proactive, adaptable, reliable and committed to wildlife conservation. Excellent communication skills and fluency in English are essential.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience supervising volunteers, experience working with captive wildlife and a valid manual driving license. The position is ideal for a graduate student looking to gain work experience in the field of wildlife conservation, or rescue and rehabilitation. An undergraduate science degree (BSc) in wildlife management, conservation biology, or related field is desirable.


Minimum commitment: 3 months – position available immediately

Accommodation and Food Provided.

This is a voluntary position. You will need to pay for your own flight and travel insurance.

To apply please email your CV and a covering letter to Alice Slade at


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