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Carter Case

Carter Case

Hello! My name is Carter Case and I'm a biology-ecology graduate from the University of Alberta. My entire life I've been passionate about working with wildlife all around the world. Currently, I am trying to get job experience to eventually begin my career in Conservation Biology. With the world rapidly changing, this is becoming an even more crucial field of science requiring lots of young, dedicated people.

During my time at Alturas, I was able to find this work/life experience in many different ways. As an animal husbandry intern, I got the opportunity to work with many amazing animals from all over Costa Rica such as Sloths, Monkeys, Tucans, Macaws, Anteaters, an Ocelot, and many many more! I also conducted two different studies during my time at Alturas that focused on animal monitoring through the use of camera traps. My first study was focused on the analysis of Ocelot behavior with these cameras.

By creating enrichment items for the resident Ocelot, Leo, the goal was to enforce positive behaviors naturally seen in the wild and reduce stereotypical ones. My second study also revolved around camera traps as I set them all around the Sanctuary to observe the surrounding Fauna. With this data, I was then able to calculate measures of diversity and assemble a comprehensive species list for the area surrounding Alturas.

For anyone debating applying to be an intern/volunteer at the sanctuary, I could not recommend it more! The work is incredibly rewarding as you are not only just providing care for all the animals in the sanctuary but also actively helping the surrounding wildlife recover through rehabilitation and release projects in the area. One of the highlights of my experience at Alturas was all the wonderful staff working at the sanctuary. Every single staff member and volunteer I got the pleasure to work with made my time as an intern that much more amazing. Everyone is incredibly friendly and work very hard to make the best of everyone's experience at Alturas.

I cannot think of a better place for someone to pursue their dreams of working in biology or simply to travel and gain valuable life experience. You'll never want to leave, trust me!

My Experience: Wildlife Husbandry Intern