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Claudia Comelato

Claudia Comelato

Hello! My name is Claudia, I'm 22 and I'm from Italy.

I'm a student from the degree course "Animal Care" of the University of Padua and I'm carrying out a 2-month Wildlife Husbandry internship at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary.

My experience so far has been simply wonderful from two points of view: the emotional aspect and the professional one. Working in the sanctuary is giving me the possibility to understand what are the needs and the concerns of the animals that cannot be released, and taking care of them daily to give them the best life possible makes me feel joyful. But my favorite thing is working in the rehabilitation center and seeing the animals recovering from bad health situations, growing, and sometimes being released... It really gives me positive feelings.

As regards the professional perspective, I'm learning a lot about the care and rehabilitation of Costa Rican wildlife from a practical point of view, and I'm having the possibility to work close to incredibly skilled staff members. I'm assisting the veterinarians in the clinic, so I'm practicing basic clinical procedures, improving my knowledge and my skills.

I'm also working on two research projects, an ethological study on white-faced capuchin monkeys and a study on neonatal growth (our neonates are so cute!).

To conclude, being here is such a great experience and I'm glad to have chosen AWS for my internship; the staff members and the other interns are super cool and I am enjoying my time here so much!

My Experience: Wildlife Husbandry Intern