Overseas Volunteer Experience Stories

French Interns from the University of Nantes

French Interns

Marrianne Roux, Francois De La Marre, Leah Le Boterff & Sarah La Fontaine

We were lucky enough to have four veterinary interns from the University of Nantes, France stay with us for six weeks. Here is what sums up their stay...

Our six weeks can be resumed as the following: one billion fun titi monkeys, adorable sloths, amazing white face monkeys in the clinic and of course, crazy staff members!

Overall, we had the opportunity to work with an amazing team and with incredible animals, we probably won’t see again soon. As veterinary students eager to learn about wildlife we had the time of our life there! And once again, a huge thank you to all the staff and especially to Sandy and Rebeca for everything they’ve taught us and for their kindness.

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