Overseas Volunteer Experience Stories

Jo Bowcock

Jo Bowcock

Hi, my name is Jo Bowcock and my husband and I retired to Costa Rica 3 years ago. I’ve always loved animals and soon realized after arriving in this beautiful country that I wanted to volunteer and help wherever I could.

I looked around the area and went to Alturas to see if I would be helpful there, and I’ve been volunteering twice a week ever since!

I love to clean and, hard as they are, deep clean Mondays are the most satisfying - I love to see all my little friend's enclosures looking clean and fresh for them, after all, it helps to keep them healthy. Feeding time is always fun, all the birds and animals are such characters. I won’t name any favorites because they’re all gorgeous.

It seems sad sometimes that some of them will never leave because we humans have changed their behavior through the pet trade in wildlife to the point where they cannot be released or they came in very injured, so our job is to make them as happy as we can and provide healthy, interesting lives for them all, as well as educating others about why wildlife should stay that way - wild.

Anyway I love every minute I spend at Alturas, please come and visit, and volunteer if you can - it’s hard work but soooo rewarding.

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