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Volunteering in Costa Rica with Animals – An Opportunity to Support Animal Conservation Initiatives

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Are you interested in volunteering abroad with animals, or looking for volunteering opportunities with wildlife, and want to support animal conservation initiatives in other countries?

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to volunteer with animals overseas and play an essential role in protecting exotic or endangered species. As a volunteer, you will also assist in improving the quality of life for rescued and abandoned animals. Volunteering in our program, you will get the chance to influence the future of these animals, the habitat they live in, and aid in their reintroduction to the wild.

What are the benefits of Volunteering abroad with animals?

If you are a passionate environment or wildlife conservationist who wants to be a part of the initiative to improve the lives of wildlife and natural habitats that exist for wildlife in Costa Rica, then our Animal Care and Wildlife Conservation volunteer project is right for you. Our program offers you the chance to play a crucial role in the daily care and rehabilitation of the wildlife in our center and those that enter.

We are building a reforestation project to encourage the protection of the unique natural landscapes and increase the habitats of the animals we release. Doing the volunteer program here will help you gain more knowledge of wildlife conservation methods, wildlife husbandry, and environmental enrichment. Independent research projects are also encouraged through our internships available.

There is hardly any experience that will give you the feeling of fulfillment and gratitude which you will get by volunteering abroad at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Undoubtedly, everyone involved will be benefiting by engaging in the unselfish act of returning to society through their volunteer work and bringing about improvement in the quality of life for the animals and community.

Those that have been here before have expressed how volunteering positively impacted their lives. You will notice incredible self-growth by improving your skills, developing life-long friendships, and by improving your understanding of conservation efforts here and how to take action back home.

If you want to explore new locations, then volunteering at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is the right option for you. In traveling to Costa Rica, which is among leading tourist destinations in the world, you will experience a new place while giving back in a positive and active way.

Take a Break from Your Regular Routine

Irrespective of whether you are an office worker, a student, or anyone else who is interested in taking a break from his or her routine, volunteering abroad for animals is a great way to reset any mundane schedule. At Alturas, you will be able to create enrichment toys for the animals, like sloths, visit local waterfalls, and potentially view a release of an animal back into the wild.

Many volunteer abroad programs, like Alturas, run throughout the year so you can utilize the opportunities you get in the form of work leaves, summer breaks, or long holidays and start volunteering abroad to get out of that 9-5 rut.

The Ultimate Goal

Volunteering abroad with wildlife carries a multitude of benefits, but we should not forget that the ultimate goal of volunteering is giving back to our communities, environment and all those that inhabit it and do good for others. The aim is to provide assistance and realize that everyone is playing their role to accomplish something bigger. Volunteering abroad reminds us that we have to treasure our world, protect it, and remember it is what we have to call home.

Volunteering overseas with animals gives you a chance to partner with similar people who dare to tackle global issues. As such, these people become an integral part of the effort to find a solution to the problems we face. Together, these people change from being just individuals to associates of a global community that is striving to solve problems our world is facing.

Volunteering at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary helps reach the mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing animals back into the wild. You will work with so many other passionate people who care about wildlife and conserving their species and wild habitat. With your help, Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary can release many of its intakes successfully.

Why Costa Rica for volunteering abroad projects?

You may feel that Costa Rica is a tiny country for a volunteering abroad program with animals, but you will be surprised to know about 5% of biodiversity on our planet is in Costa Rica. Besides, it is also a beautiful and scenic country that will find its place in any passionate traveler's checklist.

San Jose, apart from the country's capital, is also a unique melting pot of different cultures. Costa Rica is a nation that boasts of verdant rain forests, rolling hills, sandy beaches, and plunging valleys. Each of these locations is home to a large variety of endemic and exciting wildlife.
With such a magnificent array of wildlife, as well as spectacular scenic locations, Costa Rica is the right country for volunteering abroad for animal and conservation enthusiasts.

If you decide in favor of joining any volunteering project here, or Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, it is certain that you will be playing an essential role in protecting the nation's iconic wildlife species. Rest assured that volunteering in Costa Rica for animal conservation will turn out to be the most rewarding task you have ever done.

Costa Rica – The Top Travel Destination

Volunteering with animals in Costa Rica will give the opportunity to explore a country which is among top travel destinations in the world.

Explore Incredible Wildlife

You need to be aware of the fact that Costa Rica is among the world's top environmentally rich locations, with an abundance of exciting and endangered species like sloths, turtles, snakes, and jaguars. The main reason this country boasts of such a variety of wildlife is its ecosystem. It consists of cloud forests, tropical rain forests, mangrove forests, coastlines, and diverse flora and fauna that spreads across the length and breadth of the nation. Due to the rich habitats, we must help preserve and grow the nature we have.

By becoming a volunteer at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, or any of the wildlife sanctuaries in Costa Rica, you will play a vital role in the protection of many of the vulnerable species like parrots, ocelots, and peccaries from environmental damage, pet trade, and poachers. By becoming a volunteer, you will get the opportunity to bring about a positive change in this Central American nation.

Experience Rich Culture

Apart from volunteering for animals at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, a trip to Costa Rica will make it possible for you to explore the rich culture of this nation. Worldwide, the country has gained popularity for its conservation efforts and is called the happiest place on earth. This is due to the many initiatives Costa Rica has taken in regards to the adoption of green energy to reforesting.

Your visit to Costa Rica will also provide you the chance to savor native dishes, experience traditional holidays, and enjoy dance and art of this beautiful country. There are local markets to buy fresh fruits of Costa Rica, see homemade art, and buy fresh coffee, satisfying all of the senses.

People here are also friendly and laid back. During your trip, it is likely that you will hear one term quite often “Pura Vida,” (which means pure life). For people in Costa Rica, it is not merely a phrase, it has become a way of life, and you will get to experience it during your stay.

Visit Famous Sights

While volunteering for animals in Costa Rica at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, you will be working on projects located at beaches, the sanctuary, and in the community. However, if you want to explore more, there are innumerable places to discover. Apart from outstanding natural wealth, the country and it's capital city, San Jose, are a beautiful conglomeration of culture and vibrancy. There are many famous sights that you can visit by taking out some time from your busy volunteering work schedule. You can utilize your days off to visit the local areas and see wildlife, not at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Once here, we provide a full folder of activities, but a few popular options are below.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: You can hire a guide to take you around the park and get a better chance of spotting different animals, but if you choose to venture out solo, you can follow their trail guide.
  • Nauyaka Waterfall: Nauyaca Waterfalls is the ideal place, not only for those in search of tranquility and nature but also for adventure and excitement lovers. They are a reference point for adventure ecotourism as they are recognized worldwide for their beauty and the excellent services they provide.
  • Corcovado National Park: The tour includes tickets to the protected areas, boat tour, a specialized guide, two hikes at the San Pedrillo station, snacks, fruits, soft drinks, and lunch.
  • Mangrove Kayak Tour: Immerse yourself into a captivating forest of mangrove trees, hidden estuaries, exotic birds and animals. You will get the opportunity to paddle down every hidden path in search of herons, hawks, osprey, sloths, monkeys, snakes, raccoons, crabs and many more