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Central American White Nosed Coatimundi

Category: Mammals

The White Nosed Coati or Coatimundi is a member of the Procyonidae family which includes raccoons. These animals are intellegent and adjust to human presence much like their cousins the raccoon.

Young are left with babysitters while adults go off to find food.

Scientific Name Nasua narica
Details Local names include pizote, antoon, and tejón.
Habitat Wooded Areas/Forests of America. Found at sea level to 9,000 ft.
Ecology and Behaviour Unlike their relatives the raccoon they are active during the day instead of at night (nocturnal).

Coatis are good climbers using their tails for balance. They prefer foraging on the ground.
Diet Coatimundi are omnivores, eating small vertebrates, insects, carrion, fruit, snakes and eggs.