Animals of Costa Rica

Baird's Tapir

Taxonomy Tapiridae (Tapirus bairdii)
Spanish Name Danta
Conservation Status Endangered; decreasing
Lifespan 25-30 years but more research is needed
Distribution Mexico to Northeast Ecuador and Northern Columbia. Sea level up to 3,600 meters.
Habitat Forests; moist and dry. Secondary forests but always near to a freshwater source. Tropical rainforest.
Behavior Solitary animals that are mainly nocturnal, but will be active during the day as well. Great at swimming and will rest in shallow water holes.
Weight 150-300 Kilograms
Diet Foliage and seeds of many plants. Seed dispersers.
Reproduction 390-400 Gestation period, 1 offspring is born and remain with mother for first year of life. Reproduces anytime of the year
Threats Deforestation, hunting, and diseases from invasive species. Natural Predator - Puma

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