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Kinkajous are a nocturnal, arboreal species in the order Carnivora. While they may look very different, they are closely related to the raccoon and coati. They generally eat upside down using their prehensile tale and hind feet to hold them up. Also, it is the only species of the genus Potos and was originally described as a lemur. You could see Jimmy the Kinkajou on our tour here at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary.

Scientific Name Potos flavus
Details Adult kinkajous weigh 3-10 lb, length 32-48 in including tail, large eyes and small ears.
Habitat Rainforests of Central and South America mostly living in trees.
Ecology and Behaviour Kinkajous are nocturnal and sleep during the daytime.

They have a prehensile tail like monkeys that they use for climbing.
Diet Omnivore eating mostly fruit but also insects.